Y3/4 - Tennyson

Inventions that changed the world


Yr 3 & 4 have had a great start to our new topic this term. We kicked off the first week with our WOW day, designing and making windmills, fairground rides, land yachts and cranes! We have taken inspiration from two AMAZING inventors...Wallace and Gromit with their scintillating ideas such as: the porridge gun, Bun Vac 6000 and the bed waking lever! 


Of course, we are considering other real-life inventors too such as Leonardo da Vinci, The Wright brothers and Steve Jobs with their inspiring, innovative ideas. 


What a CRACKING start we have had to our latest learning adventure! 


More English Pre-historic sites!

Snowtastic Time!

We hope that you are all having fun in the snow. 


How deep is the snow in your garden?

How many snowballs have you thrown?

We would love to see some snowy pictures next week to share in class for Let's Talk Maths.


If you can think of any questions, that would be snowtastic!!


Scavengers and Settlers!

We thoroughly enjoyed our WOW Day with AnimalsUK today! There were so many interesting creatures to meet, and cuddle!

Here it is, our amazing information book that includes all our fascinating facts about the remarkable animals that dwell in the different layers of the rainforest. We researched the information, drafted and redrafted before creating our finished pages. We loved every step and our very proud of our book. Enjoy reading it! Feel free to share your review on our padlet!


We used infographics to learn facts about the rainforest! Some of the numbers were very hard to believe! WOW!

What numerical facts can you represent as an infographic?

Did this number surprise you?

We had a very interesting mystery guest visit our class this week. Here are some clues, see if you can determine who came!

His name was Salvador, named after the artist who painted this type of living thing.

He originates from places such as Florida, where he hides in the 'corn'!

He is about 50cm long.

Scaly and cold blooded! A reptile!

Have a look at the slideshow to see if you solved the clues accurately!

We have been very busy creating observational drawings of rainforest animals. We are looking forward to using our artwork in the class information book that we are writing. Check back soon to share our book!

We made absolutely AMAZING rainforests in shoeboxes! They captured the sights, sounds and smells of the rainforest fantastically!

Year 3 and 4 have been reviewing their favourite books. Take a look at our padlet to find out what they have been reading and why they recommend it!


Follow this link for Year 3/4 Reading Reviews

Awful Auntie by David Walliams

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In the Autumn term we are learning 'about' and learning 'from Hinduism', as well as looking at Hindi beliefs and lifestyle.


Mrs Varadaraj showed us the items needed for Hindu worship (puja) and demonstrated how Hindus worship in their homes. It was a really interesting session and we loved looking at her artefacts and tasting the Hindu foods.


Mrs Varadaraj will be visiting us again in November to tell us all about Hindu Weddings; we will be spotting the similarities and differences between Christian weddings and Hindu weddings.

This is our question of the week. We will endeavour to answer it in as many ways as we can! What thoughts do you have?


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In Dance we have been using our bodies to recreate the movements of the plants and animals that live in the rainforest.

Can you spot what our movements represent?

Can you critique our technique?

On the 13th September we celebrated Roald Dahl Day. Our class explored George's Marvellous Medicine and we had great fun making our own vile medicine to banish grouchy grandmas! We used a poem from the book to inspire our own writing, we packed this full of alliteration!


Add a dash of vile vinegar and a witches finger, 
Feisty and flickering, do not linger!
Throw in a handful of battered brains, 
Next add the smoke of a dozen trains. 
Then give a stir, a mix and a beat!
This mixture will certainly be able to defeat 
That grouchy granny, the one we must banish,
with a puff and some smoke she will soon vanish!



Our exciting IPC topic for this term began in earnest on Tuesday when we all became explorers for the day. We participated in lots of activities (some quite perilous!) that taught us a little about the people, the animals and plant life of the rainforest. We thoroughly enjoyed our WOW Day and are looking forward to the rest of the topic.


These pictures show us creating tribal art, making rain makers, embarking on a survival mission, identifying mystery animals and telling stories. It certainly was an action-packed day!

Parent Pop-ins Information

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