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Year 3 had a great time learning First Aid at the Lincolnshire Show!

This is Year 3 class taking part in a scavenger hunt which a pair of children in the class had made.

In order to help us with our maths, all the clues had to use: clear directions, Roman numerals and the 4-operations.

During our 'Water' topic we produced this stunning artwork indicative of the patterns that we saw when observing water.

Year 3 had a great time at Activity Sports. All the children demonstrated super sporty skills and supported their team mates excellently!

Can you identify the fronted adverbials we have used in these videos?



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Here we are learning about the parts of a flower in the beautiful 'Rainbow Garden'.

We took our mental maths lesson outside and used the different markings on the playground to show our answers...

Year 3 Class Assembly.m4v

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Year 3 Class Assembly Part 2.m4v

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How did our use of the parachute help us to learn about air resistance?

This week we have been taking our learning outdoors. Here we are planting cress seeds.

This week we have been developing our skills in netball. Can you identify the passes that we have been learning?

Year 3 Maths/IPC

Using our knowledge of measures to make and use a water filter.

Year 3 investigating measures and square numbers in Maths.

Year 3 looking forward to their next topic which is all about farming.

Our writing...inspired by Jack Frost!

Talk for Maths:

We have been looking at this picture of a water treatment plant as we have been learning about the process of cleaning water for our homes and drinking. What Maths can you spot in this picture?

This week we will be learning about capacity, mass and length in Maths.

This is one of the pictures that we will be using to generate mathematical talk.

Children In Need

What can hard-boiled eggs teach us about tectonic plates?

Our 'WOW Day' was at

Magna Science Adventure Centre.

We watched the fire tornado, carried out experiments to show how we can identify patterns in volcanic eruption, and identified rocks. We even looked ahead to our Spring topic and learnt how to filter water to clean it as well as learning about why we need clean water to be healthy.

We have created our own artistic interpretations of volcanic eruptions in the dripping, trailing and splatting style of Pollock.

Year 3 have been thoroughly enjoying their

'Active Planet' topic.

We have been making our own volcanoes with vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and food colouring…which caused great excitement and hilarity!

IPC: 'The Active Planet' Curriculum Newsletter September 2014

'Let your light shine' - Matthew 5, Our values are Friendship, Respect, Happiness, Understanding, Honesty and Responsibility.