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In English this week, we have been looking at complex sentences. 

We picked up our whiteboards and went outside to write a complex sentence. We decided to lie down, this would be our subordinate clause at the start of our sentence: 'As they were lying down'. We now needed to add a main clause to give us more information about who we were referring to in the subordinate clause. We chose Joey and Noa who were talking about the weather. This is our main clause as it tells us who the subject of our sentence is and it tells us what they were doing.  Our final sentence was:


As they were laying down, Joey and Noa were talking about the weather.


Here we are enjoying the lovely weather and enjoying writing complex sentences in our English. 

In Maths, Mr. Chudley and Mrs. Wilson prepared an Easter treasure hunt, it contained 14 questions and children had to calculate the first answer, return to get their answer checked and then move on to the next question. The children were really thinking about their answers and thoroughly enjoyed the task. One question can be seen below and the children can be seen calculating their questions which were located around the school.

In Art we were inspired by our topic of water and we created artwork whereby we took our pencil for a walk on the page; never taking it off at any point. We then filled in shapes that were formed by the lines and here are the masterpieces from our budding artists of the future - I am sure you will agree! 

In Science we have been focusing on forces and in particular Magnetic force, we were able to identify what a magnet is and discussed the magnetic field and discussed the two poles of a magnet. We used vocabulary such as attract, repel and ferromagnetic. 

Which of these items in the tray do you think were magnetic and why?

Godly Play...


The Mystery of Easter

(Jesus’ life from birth to resurrection)


These children are responding to the question...


'I wonder what part of the story is most important?'


Godly Play.m4v

Still image for this video

In English we learnt about instructions. We focused on the features of instructions and looked at how to make our instructions clear; we did this by directing each other to a particular place in the playground.

We then made it harder to reach this destination, and to give clear instructions, by placing cones in the way of our route.

We had fun and did manage to successfully instruct our partner to the correct place.

As part of our topic 'Water', we created lava lamps.

We were looking at capacity and volume in Maths and we had to measure out the correct volume of water, oil and food colouring.  An effervescent tablet was added to cause a reaction, this enabled the bubbles to rise to the top causing the lava lamp effect.

Here are the children enjoying a visit from The Billy Branston Bus. The children learnt about how to plant potatoes, how to sort potatoes out so they are suitable for the supermarket and how to sustain a healthy diet that includes potatoes.

Talk for Maths
What mathematic vocabulary can you use to describe and explain what you can see in this picture?
Start with shape and then have a look at other areas of Maths such as number, data and fractions.

Year 3/4's Big Write

Writing descriptively about Jack Frost

We looked at vocabulary and connectives that we may use when writing descriptively.

IPC: 'The Active Planet' Curriculum Newsletter September 2014

'Let your light shine' - Matthew 5, Our values are Friendship, Respect, Happiness, Honesty, Understanding and Responsibility.