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Great teamwork Y6 – fantastic ideas for earning money and cutting costs in our 'Money Management' course today!

Shakespeare is coming to EB!

These pictures show us busy rehearsing for our performance next week!

'The course of true love never did run smooth...'

The first of our homework projects revealed!

What news headlines are they representative of?

This week saw the establishment of Ellison Boulters' News! The children have adopted the role of a journalist and prepared broadcasts for their new radio station. Here is a transcript of one of their first broadcasts. Watch this space for more of the latest news from Ellison Boulters' News!

Action-Packed Activity Sports!

broadcast by Joseph, Grace, Alex and Ryan


Are you between 4 and 11? Are you enthusiastic about sports? Do you like being part of a team? Then Ellison Boulters’ Activity Sports is the event for you!

This is the world renowned Ellison Boulters’ news crew broadcasting from Ellison Boulters radio station in the heart of Lincolnshire and we are here to inform you that Ellison Boulters are hosting a thrilling sports’ day on Friday 12th June.

As well as being an excellent opportunity for all the children and their families to come together, Activity Sports also highlights the benefits of being healthy and having an active mind. Some of the most popular activities are the wheelbarrow race, the netball shoot-out, the egg and spoon race and the sack race.

As Grace from Year 6 told us, “You put your whole heart into it, it is great fun!”

Mrs P-G commented, “It’s a great day of fun for everyone!”

We’ve looked at the weather forecast and it is saying it will be a very hot and sunny day so why not come and enjoy the sunshine whilst observing this action packed event. Although the events are just for children, this will offer more than enough entertainment for the adults, although a jam and cream scone and a cup of tea will also go down a treat!

See you there!

Our SPAG lesson took us outside today. All the answers to the clues in our Treasure Hunt could be found somewhere on the school field.

What would you give as a response to...

Name an adverb that describes a sport that takes place here.

Can you turn this in to an adverbial phrase?


This week the children have been learning about coding. They visited Barclays Code Playground and used the app Hopscotch to answer the question 'What is coding?' and then began to write their own codes to make things happen!

This week the children in Miss Mumby's and Mr. Sandy's classes have been challenging each other to find the area and perimeter of compound shapes. 

These were some of the questions posed...

What is a compound shape?

How are area and perimeter different?

Can you use a formula to find the area or perimeter of a shape?

​What is the most efficient way to calculate area and perimeter?

What units of measure can you use to show the area or perimeter of a shape?

We had a 'phenomenal' time observing the solar eclipse. It was amazing to share an historical moment with our class mates.

Here we are using our pinhole cameras to view the movement of the moon and crescent of the sun.

Year 5/6 M's Special Day!


* AF is special because he has a great sense of humour. He is creative and very good at drawing.

* AF is special because she is a very good friend. She works extremely hard and always tries to achieve her best.

* AW is special because he is always there when you need him. He has many interests and these make him interesting to be around.

* BS is special because he is always happy to share his ideas in a team. He is full of energy and enthusiasm!

* JL is special because he shares his sense of humour with his friends. He is very generous.

* ON is special because he is always very positive and cheerful. He always aims to please.

* SR is special because he is extremely helpful and always there during the bad times. Everyone always has lovely things to say about S.

* ET is special because she is always happy to help people. Her smile brightens up the room.

* RE is special because he always has a happy smile on his face. He loves to share what he has learnt with his friends.

* GN is special because he is determined. He never gives up! He also has a great sense of humour!

* TC is special because she helps others when they are unsure. She is confident and mature.

* SB is special because she always works very hard and has been my friend since year 3, she is welcoming and kind.

* JM is special because he is always very cheerful and a great friend. He is funny and honest.

* GS is special because she always puts others before herself and asks if others are ok. She is bubbly and bright and full of enthusiasm.

* FR is special because she is very thoughtful. She is very hardworking and never does less than her very best.

* EG is special because he is a very good role model to others. He always works hard to learn new things and is the perfect role model for others.

* LL is special because he is  a great friend and always hard working. I think he is a fantastic mathematician!

* CH is special because she is everyone’s friend. She is smiley and cheerful and enjoys giggling!

* LPD is special because she is very kind. She is responsible and hardworking and someone I admire.

* RB is special because she always makes you feel at home. Her enthusiasm is catching, just like her smile!

* ES is special because he has a great sense of humour. He is very helpful round the classroom.

* LF is special because she always makes you smile and is there when you need her. She is determined and very hard working.

* JH is special because he is hard working and independent. His writing is awesome!

* WC is special because he is a great friend, hard working and runs as fast as Sonic!

* EG is special because he always smiles. He is very helpful and a great prefect.

* EP is special because she always works hard and sets high standards for others. She is someone to admire and look up to.

* PW is special because she is always there when you need her. She is determined and learns lots of new things every day.

* FH is special because when you are upset she will always comfort you and cheer you up. She has some really creative writing ideas.

* SS is special because she is an awesome writer and brilliant at maths. She thinks about everything very carefully.



Look at what we have been reading in French this week! Can you translate the French words in to English in order to understand the story?

What is the best design for a parachute?

How will the materials from which the parachute is made affect the speed at which the parachute falls?

The Year 6 children had a fabulous time at 'Come Alive with Science' at William Farr this morning. From testing the DNA of a suspect to exploring the heart of a pig, all the children were engrossed (and sometimes grossed out)!

This week coaches from Hurricane Sports have been teaching us lots of new skills in Hockey. Look at the captions on our photographs to see what we have been learning.

This week we have been learning about solar energy and how this can be used to power electrical items. Can you use the correct scientific vocabulary to describe each of the four stages in the diagram below? The children in Y5/6M can!

Choose your favourite reading book...

Can you find any of the techniques shown in the toolbox below? How do these enrich what you are reading? How can you magpie what you have read to help you enhance your own writing?

Angles (not angels)!

Look at the picture of the coal mine. How many different angles can you see? What are these angles called?

Acute     Right     Reflex     Obtuse


Challenge 1

Can you use any other vocabulary associated with angles to the picture?

Challenge 2

Can you link angles to any other areas of maths? For example, the angle between the hands on an analogue clock showing 3 o’clock is 90 degrees.

Can a potato really produce electricity?

Yes, and so can a lemon, a grapefruit and various other fruits and vegetables! The children proved this in the circuits that they built today. 

Ask your child what the three parts of a battery are and let them explain to you how they turned their fruit or veg into a very unique battery.

Billy Branston and his Amazing Potato Bus!

Multiplication in a mine shaft!

The children experienced the cold, dark, cramped conditions of a coal mine today...all in the name of maths!

The planning stages of our news reports are well underway...these extracts show you some of the ideas that we have been thinking about.

This week we have been learning about mining during Victorian times. We each learnt about mining from a different person's perspective and gave quotes which will be used in our Journalistic reports next week. It was important for us to learn how to punctuate these quotes correctly as well as use the first person accurately.


'I own many factories. Some of the energy I use in these factories comes from water-power and horses but mostly from burning coal. All this coal has to be dug from coal mines but Britain has a lot of coal, deep in the rocks below the ground. After the coal has been mined I get it transported to my factories.'

Ernest Ramsbottom, Industrialist


'My name is Mary and I work in the mines, mostly as a trapper, but sometimes I work with the hurriers and thrusters moving the heavy tubs of coal through the shafts. I am only 12 years old and I can be down the mine for up to 18 hours a day. It is hard work and I don't get paid much money. There are also a lot of accidents, some of my friends have been killed.'

Mary, child labourer in a mine


'I own a coal mine and sell my coal to the factories. Some people would say I am very rich, and that I pay low wages, but I am giving lots of people jobs and they should be grateful. There are lots of women and children who need work and I help them as well as providing a vital fuel source.'

John Sharpe, mine owner

We have had great fun learning about the Vikings, our board games put all that we had learnt into practice and it was brilliant playing these with our friends!

James Rizzi: Rhythmic Lines

In gymnastics this week the children have been perfecting their skills in 'cannon' and 'synchronisation'. Using the apparatus, they choreographed a routine demonstrating both techniques. What examples can you spot?

Immersive Learning:

Writing a non-chronological report.

'What language should we use?' 'How can we arrange our paragraphs?' 'Where should we include a picture and a caption?'

The children were engrossed in their English lesson this morning and worked hard within their teams to become masters of non-chronological texts. Look how proud they are of what they achieved!

Science Week 2: Sound

How do you change the pitch and volume of a kazoo?

WOW Day number 2!

South Cliff Farm, the site of a Saxon Settlement.


The children had an absolutely fantastic day exploring this very muddy field in search of Saxon artefacts! Their finds were plentiful and even included relics from the Roman era!

What happens when you field, a day's worth of torrential rain, 27 children, a collection of spades and a metal detector?

Lunch time! A very warming Anglo-Saxon feast was served including stew made from barley and leeks, hunks of fresh bread and potatoes.

The children ate their lunch in our very own 'mead hall' and were surprised when they actually enjoyed the offerings of an Anglo-Saxon menu!

What object is this poem, written entirely with kennings, describing?

Welcome to...

Today we discovered what the life of a paleontologist involves.

Their study of fossils help us to understand about all life forms throughout history. As trainee paleontologists we even unearthed the bones of a mysterious creature that lived 250 million years ago! Quite remarkable when you know that the planet then was a dry, hot land full of toxic gases!

Welcome to our Anglo-Saxon museum!

A 'WOW Day' to remember...

The Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain...the story of brave Beowulf and the despicable Grendel...delicately unearthing the skeleton of a warrior...a vicious battle...feasting in the modest mead hall...


The children were treated to a superb 'WOW Day' today hosted by Horrible Histories' star Wulfric. His fabulous retelling of this intriguing period of history left the children captivated, excited and inspired! 

Year 5/6 WOW Day Extravaganzas!

The Anglo-Saxons are coming...


'Let your light shine' - Matthew 5, Our values are Friendship, Respect, Happiness, Honesty, Understanding and Responsibility.