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May 2015


Brilliant books to dip into for Key Stage 2 children…


Have a look at ‘The Company of Ghosts’ by Berlie Doherty. This is a beautifully written, haunting tale which is packed with incredible language. I was hooked!!


Siobhan Dowd’s ‘The Ransom of Dond’ is a magically crafted tale with beautiful illustrations. I read it all in one go! Truth, love, fate… it’s all there. 


My Brother’s Shadow by Tom Avery

How do you cope with the loss of someone you love? This is the story of one little girl’s journey through grief at the death of her brother, with a love of trees and nature woven through it. A hugely thought-provoking read. 


by Simon Mayo

Reviewed by Mrs. Howard and Finn

Mrs. Howard: “A gripping tale full of villains, unsuspecting heroes and peppered with mini-science lessons. Loved it, and we were desperate to read the next two in the series: Itch Rocks, and Itchcraft.”

Finn: “Boom! You’ll be itching to read on…”


by Katherine Rundell

Reviewed by Mrs. Howard and Finn


Mrs. Howard: “A baby found floating in a cello case in the middle of the sea is a starting point for a wonderful adventure.”

Finn: “Don’t try being a rooftopper at home…”



by Ali Sparkes

Reviewed by Mrs. Howard and Finn

Mrs. Howard: “We found this one just down the corridor with the school reading books and took it on holiday – a brilliant story about the power of time travel.”

Finn: “Absolutely super… read the book to find out why that’s funny!”



by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Reviewed by Mrs. Howard and Finn

Mrs. Howard: “A book for everyone, but especially for tall people!”

Finn: “It’s out of this world.”



by Eva Ibbotson

Reviewed by Mrs. Howard and Finn

Mrs. Howard: “This is actually the best book I have ever read.”

Finn: “Rocco the horse rocks.”



by Bear Grylls

Reviewed by Mrs. Howard and Finn

Mrs. Howard: “There’s a whole series – eight so far – following the adventures of Beck Granger. I think he’s too good to be true…”

Finn: “…and I disagree. He’s great.”



by John Boyne

Reviewed by Mrs. Howard and Finn

Mrs. Howard: “From the author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas… weighty themes but much easier to deal with.”

Finn: “Makes you want to float.”



by John Boyne

Reviewed by Mrs. Howard and Finn

Mrs. Howard: “A modern twist on a classic fairytale.”

Finn: “…and fortunately he comes back again.”



by R. J. Palacio

Reviewed by Mrs. Howard

 “This book pulls some powerful punches… a must-read for adults and children from Year 5/6 onwards.”



by David Walliams

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The House of Secrets

by Chris Columbus and Ned Vizzini

“This is a great book, I really liked how it is very funny, and I liked how the brothers and sisters cared for each other. It was very exciting and I can’t wait to read the next one!”


Read and reviewed by Mrs. Fogg and Reuben (age 8)



The Boy in the Dress

by David Walliams



We found this book charming and funny. It explored some sensitive issues and a number of relationships between Dennis and his family, friends and teachers; all of which we have been able to discuss together. We would recommend this book to boys and girls in KS2 and also their parents who may relate to the 1980’s references!


Molly Hauton and Mrs. Hauton

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