PE Intent, Implementation and Impact


At Ellison Boulters, we have a high-quality physical education curriculum, which inspires children to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically- demanding activities. Our curriculum develops and improves fundamental skills, knowledge and vocabulary so that children can perform with increased confidence and competence.


Children gain understanding of the importance of healthy competition against themselves (personal best) and other children, the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle and the role that physical activity plays in achieving this, how to swim, basic survival skills in water and life skills such as team work, independence and resilience.


The curriculum will develop a lifelong love of sport and physical activity, which will support health and fitness now and in the future.


At Ellison Boulters, we follow the P.E programmes of study of the National Curriculum in Key Stage 1 and 2 and the Early Learning Goals in the Foundation Stage. For the teaching of Physical Education, we use a planning programme called GetSet4PE.


In EYFS PE is one of the Prime Areas of Learning and underpins the development of other skills including reading, writing and concentration.  As such, it is valued and encouraged using both the indoor and outdoor provision. Specific areas and resources are used for children to learn and practise specific skills including balancing, climbing, jumping, throwing and catching, kicking and moving in a range of ways. They also access a one-hour discrete PE lesson each week which focuses on developing a particular skill using a varied range of equipment including parachutes, benches, balls, mats and climbing apparatus. Emphasis is placed on creating fun and enjoyable sessions for the children, which aim to inspire a love of sport and physical activity. Additional opportunities for short bursts of movement are built in throughout the day.


In Key Stage 1, children develop fundamental movement skills and become competent and confident with agility, balance and coordination. GetSet4PE covers the National Curriculum requirements of dance, gymnastics and games, as well as invasion, net and wall, sending, receiving, striking, and fielding skills. These skills are developed in Key Stage 2 when applied to competitive sports. Children take part in team building activities during National School Sports week, as well as during Ellison Boulters’ Activity Sports Day.


In Key Stage 2, we focus on developing the key physical skills that are taught in Key Stage 1. Children in Key Stage 2 apply the skills they have learnt in Key Stage 1 to sports such as Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rounders, Tag Rugby and Tennis. These skills are taught and then applied in competitive situations and in both intraschool and interschool competitions. As the children move through the school, they are encouraged to develop their physical skills across a wide range of sports and activities, leading to the children becoming skilful and confident sports players, who have a love of sport and a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Children in Year 3 attend swimming lessons over a 12-week period. Children who have not yet achieved their 25m badge In Years 4-6 also attend.


The regular inclusion of the three core National Curriculum PE activities of Gymnastics, Games and Dance provides all pupils with a balanced PE programme. The teaching of each area is structured to provide a continuous and progressive series of learning experiences. For example, the Progression Ladders outline that pupil in EYFS and Key Stage 1 aim to ‘explore’ a range of basic movement skills, which allows them to accumulate the knowledge and understanding of their own and others’ movements. Then these skills are applied in Lower Key Stage 2 to ‘develop’ understanding and fluency when participating in physical activities. Effective application and evaluation are key aims for Upper Key Stage 2 pupils. This is where pupils have the opportunity to plan physical activities and ‘demonstrate’ a clear understanding of their skills.


KS1 and KS2 formative assessments of pupils' learning are made and assessed through observations during the lessons. These assessments contribute to a summative judgement at the end of each term against the PE statements found on Getset4PE.


PE is adapted when necessary to ensure it is fully inclusive and all children are engaged. Throughout KS1 and KS2, class teachers follow the PE  Progression of Skills Document. The aim of this is to   deliver a clear progression of skills throughout every child’s school journey.


In addition to PE in curriculum time, children are encouraged to be active at playtime with the support of play leaders and a variety of resources for children to play with.  Children are encouraged to attended extra-curricular sporting activities, which are held before, during and after school, and include running club, netball club, football club and dance clubs.


Children are competent and confident in their physical movement when they leave Ellison Boulters. They have been exposed to a range of skills, sport and physical activities to enable them to engage in sports and active leisure pastimes that they enjoy as they move through life.  They understand that physical activity contributes to physical health and mental well-being and that they have a responsibility for their own fitness. Children recognise the importance of an active lifestyle and are equipped to live happy and healthy lives utilising the skills and knowledge they have acquired through PE.

'Let your light shine' - Matthew 5, Our values are Friendship, Respect, Happiness, Honesty, Understanding and Responsibility.