Maths Songs

2 times table rhyme.mp3

3 times table Frere Jacques 2 part round.mp3

4 times table We Will Rock You.mp3

6 times table rap.mp3

6 times table Swing Low Sweet Chariot.mp3

7 times table Heads Shoulder Knees and Toes.mp3

8 times table Football Chant.mp3

9 time table Happy Birthday.mp3

12 times table .mp3

20 to 0 Reception.mp3

Counting back in 2s.mp3

Counting back in 5s with clapping rythmn.mp3

Counting back in 10s.mp3

Counting on in 1s with clapping rythmn Year 1.mp3

Counting on in 2s.mp3

Counting on in 5s with clapping rythmn.mp3

Counting on in 10s.mp3

Counting up and down in 11s.mp3

Squeaky 3s.mp3

We do counting every day.mp3

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