Y2 - Brilliant Badgers

We have learned a song about Honesty to help us remember our school value this term. It is sung to the tune of 'Twinkle Twinkle

The Brilliant Badgers shared all their learning from their "Sticks and Sones, Earth and Bones" topic with their families and friends...poems, songs, dance moves, mathematics, science, stories and art...Well done to all!

Check out all the amazing 'Book Character" costumes that arrived at school! Everyone looked BRILLIANT! Well done Badgers!

Homework Year 1/2 Pod - Friday 2nd March 2018

Courageous Coding by the Brilliant Badgers!

The Brilliant Badgers had an amazing WOW day…launching our new topic- CIRCUS! Designing and creating paper plate clown faces…having their faces painted…and involving themselves in a variety of activities in The Big Top! A fine time was had by all!

Our Wonderful WOW day! A trip to the circus!

The Brilliant Badgers have completed their excellent writing for Sir David Attenborough! They are all ready to be sent to him in the post!"

A fantastic and freezing WOW Day for The Brilliant Badgers!

Animations with ice and penguins...painting winter wonderlands and "spotting" superb snowflakes.

Take a look at the Autumn poem the Brilliant Badgers have written.

Can you read it out loud?

Can you perform it to a friend or member of your family?

Can you answer the questions all about the poem?


Have a go...remember our motto...



Autumn Time


The wind is playing autumn games,

Though the gardens and the lanes.

Picking up and swirling round,

Leaves of orange, red and brown.


Gusting through each swaying tree,

Tossing apples till they are free.

Shaking conkers till they drop,

And open wide with prickly pop.


The wind is dancing full of fun,

Laughing in the autumn sun.

It tumbles acorns, fir cones, leaves,

To make a carpet under trees.

1. What it the title of the poem? 


2. What colour are the leaves?


3. Where is the wind playing games?


4. Which word in the poem rhymes with tree? 


5. Which word in the poem rhymes with drop


6. What was the wind doing?






Look at the incredible sketches we have made inspired by our nature hunt and the objects we found.

Welcome to Term 2

We have been learning this song to help us remember the days of the week. Can you join in?

Days of the Week

Still image for this video

We have also being singing about the months of the year...

Months of the Year

Still image for this video

Nick Williams visited us today. We listened to his stories and looked at his fantastic wildlife photographs.



Could you create a “Living World” alphabet for Mr Williams?

Miss Toyne has begun one for you!


A = ant

B =

C =

D =

E =

F =

G =

H =

I =

J =

K = kingfisher

L =

M =

N =

O =

P =

Q =

R =

S =

T =

U =

V =

W =

X =

Y =

Z = zebra

Welcome back to school everyone! The Brilliant Badgers have enjoyed their WOW Day celebrating the launch of the new topic...The Stories People Tell.


Designing bowls for the 3 Bears...creating animations ...and building reading dens!

Where will your reading take you?

Follow the signs...take the pathway...

'Let your light shine' - Matthew 5, Our values are Friendship, Respect, Happiness, Honesty, Understanding and Responsibility.