Mrs. Carter

The children are using physical theatre to demonstrate their understanding of Earth orbiting the Sun and the Moon orbiting Earth.

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Air Ambulance flies in

Solids, Liquids and Gases

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Making New Materials Curriculum Newsletter

The children wrote their own free verse poetry based upon our work on the African landscape.

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Sometimes things are not what you think they are! Y5/6C had to estimate units of length, mass and volume and then check their answers. There were quite a few surprises!

The children developed their tonal painting and silhouette work, which they first carried out with the African sunsets, in their Christmas calendars. Their cards were made from thumb and finger-prints enhanced with cartoon faces, cartoon bodies and great humour.

Our fabulous artwork inspired by our studies of 'Africa' and the artist 'Corey Barksdale'.

Look at our fantastic drawings and paintings in the style of Corey Barksdale. Although work in progress, our African topic is certainly coming to life already!

Show Your Spots! Let's Raise Lots!

Y5/6C proving that the sum of the interior angles in a triangle is 180 degrees by arranging them on a straight line.

The children collected ingredients for the ghastly glue potion that inspired their instruction writing at Halloween. After collecting their ingredients they practised presenting their ideas so that they were ready for writing.

The children were asked to present an aspect of evolution in their own way. We enjoyed sharing fantastic ideas: models (made from paper plates, plasticine, papier mache, fruit and vegetables), pictures, story boards, and posters. Wonderful.Y5/6C

Y5/6C making paper plate spiders' webs to inspire instruction writing in the week we studied Anansi stories and fables.

As part of our studies of Africa, Y5/6C held a debate regarding whether or not we should have zoos.

\The debate was led by our chairwoman, who did an excellent job!

What are your opinions? Are you for or against zoos? Why?

Reading aloud and learning about traditional African stories such as 'Anansi the spider'.

These are pictures of the children carrying out an experiment to demonstrate natural selection in moths. The moths that were least camouflaged were caught first by the birds. The children collected more yellow discs than green discs showing that camouflage works!

We demonstrated our athletic prowess whilst using the terrific new Trim Trail in PE this week.

Y5/6C practicing times tables and division statements and finding answers on the playground.

'Let your light shine' - Matthew 5, Our values are Friendship, Respect, Happiness, Honesty, Understanding and Responsibility.