Mrs Howard Y6



Our RE lessons always promote deep thinking and meaningful discussions. We’ve been bringing the Easter Story alive by acting it out in a freeze-frame sequence; our deeper understanding of the Christian Faith helps us to have a wider understanding of religions and beliefs from around the world. What aspect of the Christian faith do you think this image represents?



Y6 spent a fantastic day enjoying a Writers’ Workshop. We revisited an old favourite: a writing prompt which we looked at in Year 5: Draculas Whitby, with huge thanks to the inspirational Literacy Shed. Check out the link by clicking here

We began our day by watching the clip a couple of times, then we took part in a shared silent idea-generating session. Using three spacious areas,

we circulated around, making notes and annotating mind-maps about descriptive writing tools and grammatical features

we could include. Have a look at this video to experience the atmosphere! Here's some photos too...

After break, we were able to use these great collective ideas to put

together our own individual plans. Our work was supported by the QR codes on our planning sheets with iPads on hand so we could access the video prompt again at any stage. Once our planning was

complete, we settled down to the serious task of writing our first drafts, with access to the shared planning notes available at any time. The atmosphere was calm, purposeful andfocused but we didnt forget to stop for a couple of essential ingredients for all good writing:chocolate biscuits and a break for fresh air!

All our ideas our coming together...

Still image for this video


Year 6 are currently investigating reversible and irreversible changes in

Science: we had in in-depth discussion about states of matter and the properties of liquids, solids and gases.

How many states of matter are there?

Our discussion took us into the realm of astro-physics as we considered plasma and Bose-Einstein condensates...

We were excited by the factthat our children may be the scientists of the future who break new boundaries and discover many more states of matter; for now, though, we had great fun separating mixtures of paper clips and flour by using magnets, and by sieving a flour and raisin mixture.

Top tip:sieving flour on the field in the build-up to Storm Doris produces highly-excitable youngscientists covered in a thin, white film! 

'Up' Science Day

We had a fantastic day when UP SCIENCE came into school to visit us. We spent the day investigating how to build the most efficient wind turbine, creating battery-powered cars and building solar ovens. Hands-on practical science at its best!


Still image for this video


Linked to our work on a possible colony for Mars, we have been investigating which materials make the best (and worst) thermal insulators. We thought carefully about how to create a fair test, taking and recording careful measurements, and considered the wider implications of our results in real-life situations, for example, clothing requirements for extreme environments. 


Great team work in PE for a game of NUGBY!!!

Mission to Mars

In IPC, we have been working in teams to design a space station for the surface of Mars. We’ll be pitching our designs and plans in a Dragons’ Den style presentation. Our work also included a team-building, motivational warm-up on the playground to fire up the neurons in our brains!


Last year we found fractions ULTRA tricky… This year, we’re experts!

Creative writing

We have been...

using iPads...

to access video prompts...

via QR codes...

on our planning sheets!

A great start to the new term!


It’s been wonderful to welcome our lovely class back again this year; what a fantastic start to the term it’s been! Our class have been supportive, enthusiastic, respectful of others and full of zest for learning (not forgetting, of course, the comedy value they bring to the classroom every day). We’ve had a very positive few weeks and are looking forward to many more. 

Class collective worship


Class collective worship, usually on a Wednesday, is a lovely time to sit together as a group and reflect on our school values. These values lie at the heart of everything we do and we love to share our discussions with our friends in Year 5 next door. We use this time to discuss how our values link to our learning in its broadest sense, placing a Christian focus on all we consider. Our sessions are often led by the children themselves and we greatly value their input and leadership skills. 

Mobile Planetarium


The visit from the Mobile Planetarium was (of course)…Out of this world! We enjoyed a hugely informative talk from StarLincs and we’re now keen to get outside and enjoy the wonders of the dark winter skies.



Our investigations this term have focused on our topic 'Mission to Mars'. We have investigated the questions:

What crops would we take?

How would the conditions differ?

How does Earth’s place in the Solar System affect our daily lives?

We are then using the data we gather to deepen our Maths skills. 



We love PE! This term, we’ve been fortunate to have Mr Chudley and Mrs Thomas leading us for PE; their expertise and enthusiasm has meant that we are able to make huge progress. 

'Let your light shine' - Matthew 5, Our values are Friendship, Respect, Happiness, Honesty, Understanding and Responsibility.