Friday 12th June 2015


Dear Year 4/5,


Very well done to everyone for their participation in Activity Sports today! You all deserve a restful weekend…but not too restful!


Our work in Maths next week will be to look at measures. We would like you to use the attached sheet to mind-map as many things as you can think of connected with measures and the topic of measurements in the context of Maths. We will then use this as a Talk for Maths starter to our lesson on Monday.


Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs. Howard and Mrs. Ainsworth

Friday 5th June 2015


Dear Year 4/5,


It is lovely to see you all enjoying our novel study so much; if you would like to listen to Wolf Brother as an audio book, read by Sir Ian McKellen, it is available to download as a series of free podcasts from:


Our work on the novel next week will continue with a focus on non-chronological texts; we will be writing a fact file about wolves. Your homework task this weekend is to find out 5 or more interesting facts about wolves. You can support your work with pictures or diagrams from the internet if you choose, but your written work must be in your own handwriting. This work will then go into your English book as the start of your research next week; for this reason homework this week needs to be in by Monday 8th June. You can use the template we have provided to help if you would like.


Please also continue to practise your spellings and times tables; have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!


Mrs Howard and Mrs Ainsworth

Friday 15th May 2015


Dear Year 4/5,


Thank you for your help in choosing the homework this week! Your task – as we discussed together – is to make your own bookmark for our novel study of Michelle Paver’s Wolf Brother. The bookmark should be decorated on both sides in keeping with the theme of the book, and should have your name on it clearly. We will then laminate all the bookmarks.


Also, keep practising spellings, reading and times tables as usual.


Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to bring your parents in to school to visit the art exhibition!



Mrs Howard and Mrs Ainsworth

Friday 8th May 2015




Dear Year 4/5,


Thank you for bringing in your favourite poems; we will be looking at them next week. We will be talking about why we chose them, what they mean to us and we will be reading them aloud in pairs and small groups. 


Your homework this week: 


Times tables, number bonds, spellings and reading.


Then: you have a Maths sheet in your folder with some squared paper. We have been working on fractions all of this week; now is the time to put your skills to the test! Please do remember that if you find homework tricky, you shouldn’t worry about it; bring it in to school on Monday morning and one of us will look at it with you and help you.


Don’t forget – Year 4/5 homework is available on our class page of the school website so if you ever accidentally leave your folder in school, you can go online and download it. 


Have a lovely weekend  - you all deserve it!



Mrs Howard and Mrs Ainsworth



Friday 1st May 2015


Dear Year 4/5,


Another excellent week, and we’re both delighted that our artwork is well underway; we look forward to exhibiting your masterpieces.

Homework this weekend:


  • Spellings


  • Times tables and number bond practice – to 10, 100, 1000. These 2 things are the building blocks of maths. You can never practise them too much.


  • Look at how we’ve used practice and practise in the sentence above. What’s the difference – and why?


  • What’s your favourite poem – and why? Bring it in and be prepared to talk about it. It can be a short poem, a long poem, a sad poem, a funny poem, a poem by a famous author, a poem you’ve written yourself…your choice.


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the extra day off school!


Mrs Howard and Mrs Ainsworth


P.S. Who can find out what this picture is all about?

Friday 24th April 2015


Dear Year 4/5,


Thank you for bringing in newspapers and for your hard work this week – your artistic creations are magnificent! You will all be pleased to hear that we will be carrying on having more fun fashioning beautiful works of art out of newspaper and copious amounts of glue next week.


Your homework this week:
Times tables practice

Numbers bonds to 10, 20, 100, 1000: keep practising these whenever you can.


Reading – what could you recommend to the rest of the class?

Maths: you have a worksheet to do about factor pairs this week. To help you with your learning, you could also have a go at this game from the BBC:


Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs Howard and Mrs Ainsworth


Friday 20th March 2015


Dear Year 4/5,


Thank you for your beautiful Easter egg designs last week. This week’s homework is preparation for Talk for Maths on Monday morning. Look at the picture on the back of this sheet; what do you notice? Please discuss this with your family and note down (neatly) as many ideas as you can.


Also: spellings, times tables, reading. Let us know what books you are currently enjoying at home!


Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs Howard and Mrs Ainsworth

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