Unfortunately, parking within the school grounds is minimal, as such, we encourage all visitors to school to park outside of the school grounds (avoiding the yellow markings) so that the safety of our children is assured. Spaces are also available at Scothern Village Hall, just a short walk away from school.


Please do not park in the bus bay at any time of the day, it causes significant hazards if children have to alight from a bus in any other area.


For disabled access, a marked bay can found in front of the school entrance. If using this bay, please ensure that the school gate is closed on both entering and leaving the car park.


If collecting a child from an after-school club, please also observe these safe-parking guidelines. Do not park in the car park as traffic crossing in-front of the gates means traffic crossing in front of vulnerable, moving children.


We appreciate your assistance in parking safely around school and recognise that parking down the road from school is not ideal, however, this is the safest option that we can offer our children and would politely ask you to make this choice when dropping off or picking-up your child.

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