"The effective teaching of arts, music, drama and other creative

subjects is important in ensuring students experience a rich and balanced curriculum.

Sir Michael Wilshaw (Ofsted)


Through the teaching of Music we aim to develop children’s self-confidence, concentration, self-discipline and teamwork; children will develop the ability to critique and present themselves and their work. We  aim to give children the skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to access and enjoy music through a variety of musical activities. We teach lessons which provide equal opportunities and have inclusion at their heart, whilst also offering the chance to extend learning through clubs and instrumental tuition. Music offers children a way to express themselves emotionally. It is a fundamental part of the school’s Christian worship, contributing to pupil’s social, moral, social and cultural development.


At our school, Music is enjoyed through a number of clubs as well as through the teaching and learning carried out in lesson time. Key Stage 1 have their own recorder club and in Key Stage 2 the children enjoy a beginners' recorder club, a swing band, a choir, ukulele group, guitar groups and the school band. As well as being supported by staff we are able to benefit from the expertise of Mr. Greenfield, from the Lincolnshire Music Service, who teaches flute, trumpet, clarinet and saxophone and runs the swing band. The music department is also fortunate to have been able to engage Mr. Williams to run guitar clubs and give guitar lessons to our pupils. 


Our school band plays assembly hymns and supports church singing. The swing band plays at school events and has a jazzier character; it plays at the Christmas Fayre when we light the Christmas tree outside school. The school choir is in high demand in Scothern and Sudbrooke where it supports local events, local churches and sings in the wider community and at Lincoln Cathedral. The Music department actively supports church services, religious festivals and assemblies by including as many children as possible in the celebrations of our church school.


Class music lessons have a variety of aims: to be able to improvise and compose music; to be able to use notation; to be able to appreciate and evaluate music; to be able to perform music by singing and working with different instruments and in different types of groups; to develop aural memory and to begin to acquire an understanding of musical history. This is achieved through singing in unison and in up to four parts; class use of a wide variety of tuned and untuned instruments; Stomp style junk percussion; maximising musical links to our International Primary Curriculum topic work and teaching lesson sequences which involve a cycle of improvisation, performance, appraisal and improvement culminating in a composition with notation. We have an extensive collection of instruments which provide children with the chance to explore African drumming and accompanying African sounds, Chinese music, Junk percussion, keyboards, and the more conventional guitars, recorders, ukuleles and percussion. The variety of instruments demonstrates our interest in the global community and understanding of the cultures and heritage of people in other parts of the world.  Our progression of skills ensures that all children can access all class activities.


Our ethos for music lessons is to give children an opportunity to experiment, explore and see what they can do when performing and improvising by giving them the necessary skills and equipment. We give children a chance to feel inspired musically with whatever knowledge they bring to that lesson and to be able to be involved whatever their instrumental experience and ability. We aim to awaken their awareness of what is possible and if we can do that with children when they have little or no musical knowledge then there is no limit to what they can achieve once we’ve caught their imagination. We place a significant emphasis on making music and through this we continue to raise standards, expectations and achievements. This is reflected in our belief that children should be given a platform upon which to perform and a vehicle through which to do so. Key Stage 1 perform the Nativity every Christmas whilst Lower Key Stage 2 have a show in term 4. Upper Key Stage 2 have a show at the end of term 6. Children who have lessons or play in clubs will be invited to perform at a musical evening in term 5. In this way we intend to provide our children with an opportunity to enjoy and celebrate their achievements.

Lincoln Competitive Music Festival

Well done to the school choir, who won the Lincoln Competitive Music Festival on March 16th 2016 for the second year running. This is their winning entry: 'Shadowlands' from 'The Lon King' by Zimmer, arr Carter and 'Sing , sing, sing' by Benny Goodman, arr Carter.

'Let your light shine' - Matthew 5