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Persuasive writing through advertising our new healthy schools water bottles.

Slogans, logos, target audience research, emotive and persuasive vocabulary...

Year 3/4 believe water is the only drink that helps you think! 

Look at this fantastic display showing all of our learning during our 'Water' topic.

Year 3/4 W

Class Special Day


AD- We can always cheer you up.

AH- We are all different.

JOb- We are friendly.

SH- Our class is respectful.

JW- We have friends to rely on.

LP- We are very thoughtful.

LC- We let you share our games.

CF- We are all kind.

WN- Our Golden Rules are important to us.

RG- It’s never boring in our classroom!

WH- We are funny.

HF- We are loving.

OW- We are warm-hearted.

MB- We have a great sense of humour.

FS- We can brighten up everyone and anyone’s day.

LP- We are all friends.

LK- We are a hardworking class.

DB- We always help other to fit in.

PT- We have the best teacher, who makes us laugh.

AR- We get to take part in fun activities.

EP- We learn through fun lessons.

MW- We work as a team.

VW- You always have a friend in me.

MJ- We are always helpful.

MS- We think outside the box!

JOl- It is fun to learn.

ElC- We are happy people.

CJ- We respect each other.

EmC- We learn lots of fun, new things.

A secret message in a bottle for our mummies to treasure this Mother's Day and always! 

Look at these characters! Funny faces, tasty cakes and generous donations. A great day!

The 6 times the tune of 'Swing low, sweet chariot...'


Still image for this video

We have been learning about the art work of the Impressionist painter Claude Monet, in particular his water lilies series. We appreciated his use of soft colours and the way he captured the changing light and shadows. We were captivated by the virtual gallery, a chance to see his huge works of art first-hand. In response to our learning, as a class we captured a section of the painting using either watercolours or oil pastels. We then designed and created these beautiful 3D lilies to frame our work. This is a picture of our big, bright and beautiful display.

Demonstrating our passing skills in netball!

Please enjoy our slideshow showing our science experiment in which we filtered dirty water to make clean water.

This week have been learning about: the water cycle, filtration, measuring capacity and mass, mixing, pollution and the benefits of wonderful water. 

This week we performed our class assembly to the whole of our EB family which included our friends, family, teachers and other friends from our community.

We performed with clear voices using lots of expression to entertain and inform our audience. 

A big thank you to everyone for coming to watch us today. 

Sing along to the seven times table.MOV

Still image for this video

This week in maths we have been learning how to solve word problems using addition, subtraction and multiplication. We have remembered not to forget our 'RUCSAC' so that we Read the question carefully, Understand the question, Choose the correct method, have a go at Solving it, Answering neatly and most importantly...Checking! Take a look at our fantastic, logical work linked to our topic of Water. We even remembered to use some of our fantastic vocabulary about Jack Frost from last week's English to create our own word problems! WOW! 

This week year 3/4 have been producing excellent descriptive writing about Jack Frost; using amazing adjectives, super similes, powerful personification and even some magical metaphors. To top it off, they have worked extremely hard on their joined handwriting. Well done to ALL of you, here are a few examples.

In Year 3/4 we have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, using the words face, edge and vertices, modelling and drawing shapes accurately and thinking about where we would see shapes in real step, symmetry! 

Excellent costumes, generous donations, but most importantly the children took time to reflect on the many Children In Need.  

IPC: 'The Active Planet' Curriculum Newsletter September 2014

'Let your light shine' - Matthew 5, Our values are Friendship, Respect, Happiness, Honesty, Understanding and Responsibility.