Miss Toyne

The Fabulous Frogs have been making laurel leaf headbands and shields...

The children have been involved in Drama activities and performing their idea for different toy types and how they move. Meet "The Mechanical Robots" , "The Spinning Tops" , "The Rag Dolls", "The Wind-Ups" and "The Jack-in-the-Boxes"

As the new term gets underway why not have some fun and discuss "How would you use Maths here?

"The Fabulous Frogs have been creating their own TOY TIME LINES. Looking at toys from 1918 up to the present day. What did you play with when you were younger? What was your favourite toy? What is your favourite now?"

The Fabulous Frogs have been using the iPads for historical, geographical and artistic research!

Where in the World would you find these structures and buildings? 'The Fabulous Frog Fact Finders' have been researching in their IPC sessions!

The Fabulous Frogs have been writing for many reasons since the beginning of term! "Getting to know you" writing...Story planning and telling...researching the local Artist John Bangay and his Lincoln Cathedral paintings...charactrer descriptions...spelling patterns and handwriting... you name it...the Fabulous Frogs have done it!

The Fabulous Frogs have been talking about our Golden Rules and School Values with their little knitted friend! Each child had something kind and considerate to offer. Well done!

WOW...what a day! Our 'Buildings and Structures' topic got off to a sky scraping start! Constructing buildings, making dens and building houses from boxes and bits!

"The Fabulous Frogs" have been discussing this term's school value - RESPECT. They were asked what the term RESPECT means to them...they wrote down their ideas, shared them and read them out to one another ...and Mr Fred Frog! 

"Amazing Art with The Fabulous Frogs. Observational drawings of their Teddy Bears. CRITIQUED. Be Kind. Be Helpful. Be Specific. The Amazing art became even better!"

'Let your light shine' - Matthew 5, Our values are Friendship, Respect, Happiness, Honesty, Understanding and Responsibility.