W/E: 12.6.15

Research and recording activity

Could you please to bring to school (on Weds 10th June), either a photograph or a postcard of your favourite holiday place. Please research and write down the following information about your favourite holiday place.

The name of the place and the country.

The type of building that you stayed in.

What the weather was like when you were there.

Something you saw that wouldn’t be in your own country – e.g. a mountain, a desert, the sea, an animal, etc.

How you travelled to this place.

An activity that you did there. 

W/E 8.5.15


Next week we will be multiplying in maths. To get started, can you double the numbers below? You can use Lego, cutlery or even stones in the garden to help you!


Double 1 =  _____     

Double 2 = _____

Double 3 = _____     

Double 4 = _____

Double 5 = _____      

Double 6 = _____

Double 7 = _____      

Double 8 = _____

Double 9 = _____      

Double 10 = _____

Double 11 = _____   

Double 12 = _____

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