All About FEBA

All About FEBA

We are a friendly bunch of parents and teachers and we exist to raise funds that can be used to enhance, enrich and improve the school experience of your child during their time at Ellison Boulters Academy. Every year we raise thousands of pounds for our teachers’ wish list. We also provide some of those 'little extras' that make school memorable, such as the new starter welcome packs for Reception children and the Year 6 Leaver Gifts.

What FEBA have funded

Some of the things provided by us in the past include indoor and outdoor play things as well as gardening equipment and computer items. FEBA also make financial contributions towards school trips and visits by authors, artists, musicians and sports coaches.

Examples of Events

During the year there are plenty of enjoyable after school events for your child to look forward to, such as a Magic Show, Disco, Ice-cream Fridays and our biggest annual fundraisers The Christmas Fayre and Summer Fayre.

How you can get involved

The success of our fun events is due to our great volunteers (who prepare things beforehand or run things on
the day). We know that life is busy so we don’t expect anyone to dedicate their lives to FEBA!

Most of our volunteers and Committee members have jobs and/or have plenty of other commitments as well as helping us out and we are realistic as to what we can expect of people.

Whether that's helping at an event, an hour sorting donations or attending Committee meetings. It all contributes to what FEBA can do for the School during your Child’s seven years here at Ellison Boulters.

We always welcome new people to our meetings to see what goes on and to make suggestions as to how we raise and spend our money. Rest assured that you can attend meetings with no obligation. You will not leave your first meeting realising that you have somehow been elected as Chair!

We don’t believe in having meetings just for the sake of it, and we do believe in trying to raise money in quick, easy, fun and well-tested ways so our volunteers aren’t putting in a monumental effort for a relatively small return.


If you would like to get involved then please email enquiries and we will be happy to put you in touch with the FEBA team.

'Let your light shine' - Matthew 5, Our values are Friendship, Respect, Happiness, Honesty, Understanding and Responsibility.