School Council

School Council Update 2018/19


We are proud to have been elected to represent our classes on the school council this year. We have been busy in the Autumn term thinking about our school value of Friendship. In the playground, people on the trim trail are using it correctly. We have noticed that children are being kind by letting other children join in their games and lots of children are enjoying using the tyres.


We were very proud to take part in a tree planting ceremony to commemorate Mr Clark who was the first Headteacher of the new school.


We have been busy thinking of some fundraising activities for this school year and have already held a Children in Need event where we were dressed in either spots, stripes or in something yellow.


We are keen to encourage everyone to keep thinking about being fit and healthy.


The school council have been focussing on our school value of respect and are looking for examples of good manners around the school as we enter into the new year.


Our new members have been elected...



On Friday, we were proud to receive our School Council badges and certificates in a special assembly. The School Council would like to thank their classes for nominating them to be their representatives. It is a big honour for us and we will do our best to listen to your ideas and make improvements.


At our first meeting we decided to have a focus for each term:

School ideas for the Autumn Term

Local ideas for the Spring Term

International ideas for the Summer Term.


That way, we can help not only our school, but the area we live and hopefully the world around us too.


This term, we would like your ideas on how to make our playground even friendlier.


Remember to tell the council representative from your class if you have an idea and they can bring it to our meetings.

Also, now you know who we are - if you have any questions about life at school, then please come and talk to us. 

Our value to start the school year is Friendship! In our school we value Friendship, Honesty, Happiness, Understanding, Respect and Responsibility.