Children learn a language from Year 2 upwards at Ellison Boulters Church of England Academy. We believe that all our children are part of a wider global community, and that the vision set out in the National Languages Strategy of 2002 gives a clear direction:


“ Every child should have the opportunity throughout Key Stage 2 to study a foreign language and develop their interest in the culture of other nations. They should have access to high quality teaching and learning opportunities, making use of native speakers and e-learning.” (page 15)


How do we teach languages at Ellison Boulters?


Children are taught French in their own classes by their class teacher. This enables the class teacher to follow up on their teaching in small sections throughout the week, such as doing the register in French, giving classroom instructions, or practising a finger rhyme for 2 or 3 minutes at the end of the day. Teachers have the support of the subject leader and a wealth of resources with soundfiles to support accuracy of pronunciation.


We follow the strands set out in the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages. Children are taught the progressive skills of Oracy (speaking and listening), Literacy (reading and writing) and Intercultural Understanding. The importance of Intercultural Understanding in our curriculum cannot be underestimated; as a Church School it supports and reinforces our values, and we currently hold the International Schools Award (Foundation level). As a school which follows the International Primary Curriculum, our ethos is very much one which encourages broad global citizenship.


In addition to these three progressive strands, children are taught to develop their understanding of Knowledge about Language and Language Learning Strategies (the two cross-cutting strands of the Key Stage 2 Framework). These aspects of our work in Languages link closely with work on spelling, grammar and punctuation in English lessons.


From Year 3 upwards, children are taught in discrete blocks of 45 minutes per week. The class teacher then follows this up throughout the week with 2-3 minute sessions of reinforcement which fit in with the patterns of our school life. As well as teaching new content, vocabulary, songs, rhymes and stories are an integral part of our work in languages. We use a range of resources from different publishers which support our own in-house scheme of work, and we assess children against the objectives of the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages; this assessment system works alongside our assessment of the International Primary Curriculum.


Have a look at the clips and photos below to find out more about our work in languages!

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