Mrs Rushby Y4

As part of our IPC theme 'Food and Farming', we visited a beautiful farm in the Wolds and had an amazing day exploring the countryside and learning all about arable farming. Thanks to Farmer Andrew, we have learnt so much and have enriched our classroom learning enormously.

During Science Week we carried out lots of experiments and investigated Forces, especially friction.

Can you predict what happened in our car investigation?

We let cars run down a ramp and on to lots of different surfaces, for example, tiles and sandpaper? We wanted to know how the surface that the car travelled on would effect the distance that the car travelled? Can you make a hypothesis?

During our WOW Day we baked delicious tasting bread for our 'Windmill Cafe'! We weighed the ingredients carefully, mixed a dough that had to be kneaded and left to rise (prove) and then finally we could bake the bread and sample our wares! Mmmmmmm!

We had a fantastic trip to The Collection and took part in a range of Egyptian workshops. Check out our Ancient Egyptian crafts.




We became archaeologists and had to work with care to uncover and record our findings.

In class, we have studied the myth of Osiris and Isis. We created our own versions and also constructed a 3D shape setting for the myth.


At The Collection, we had the opportunity to perform another version of this myth. Can you recognise these characters?

We have really enjoyed our immersive maths lessons in which we have been learning more about the four operations and how to use them to solve word problems.

We demonstrated fantastic team work whilst rehearsing and practising how to perform a play script. Next week...writing own play scripts!



As part of our IPC work on the Active Planet, we have been investigating soil. We made mini composters; we talked about how to treat the worms with care and respect as they are all God’s little creatures.


We also explored 'States of Matter' through sorting and classifying what makes up a bottle of pop… Is it a solid, liquid or gas? After that we carried out an investigation to answer the question 'Does gas have a mass?' We had fun shaking and investigating fizzy drinks!   


Investigating, classifying, ordering and measuring angles through activities linked to our IPC 'Active Planet' topic.


We have been using our observational skills; we studied the textures of autumnal objects and thought carefully about how to group them before starting our sketching.

We have had great fun learning about

Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

'Let your light shine' - Matthew 5, Our values are Friendship, Respect, Happiness, Honesty, Understanding and Responsibility.