Mrs Monk/Mrs Speck Y3/4

We had an amazing WOW Day today visiting 'Andrew's Farm' near Market Rasen. We loved our nature trail through all the different habitats and we learnt so much about all of the crops that grow in the fields around these. Our visit from a Ferruginous Hawk was so exciting, as was listening to the sound of the combine as it drove through the yard! An incredible day, thank you Farmer Andrew!



Look at our wonderful watercolour paintings in the style of Paul Cezanne. We had to make really careful observations when creating our still-life images.

The children loved learning how to do a number Sudoku this morning!

Can you complete this one at home?

Why should farmers plant trees on their land? Our 'treemendous' interactive display will help you find out. Come and have a look.

In Science, we had great fun investigating which road surface would make our cars travel the furthest. We honed our science skills as we made some excellent predictions, investigated fairly and concluded with comparative statements. We are now planning our next steps...what other variables can we change and what we think will happen!

Our next step was to ask and answer our own questions by investigating further. Here we are testing what happens if the height of the ramp changes.



This week we have been learning about capacity - how much liquid a container can hold. Can you answer our questions?

How many millilitres in a litre?

Which is greater 0.5l or 400ml?

Can you estimate how much water your bath can hold?

We loved 'British Science Week'! Working as chemists in our own laboratory was fantastic! 

Our favourite experiment was the one in which we made the fat in milk 'dance' using washing-up-liquid. What made this experiment even more thrilling was that we had dyed our milk using food colouring and everytime a fat molecule collided with the food colouring a beautiful pattern could be seen. It was like fireworks night on a plate!

We had an amazing day at 'The Collection' today! We completed so many different activities and each one helped us to learn more about Ancient Egypt as well as allowing us to impress the tour guides at the museum with what we already know - they were very impressed with all our right answers!

We loved the gruesome mummification tales and making our own Egyptian artefacts! Digging for treasure was great fun too but we especially loved dressing up and retelling the story of Osiris!

We can definitely recommend The Collection!

The children gathered a huge number of synonyms in their recent homework task. They had to find words that meant the same as some of their favourite words from their work in class, for example, majestic and dubious!

As a challenge, the children looked for antonyms for these words. Can you help George out and find him an antonym for 'gadget'? Tweet us with your ideas.

The children delivered a fabulous assembly to their parents this morning. The story of 'Moses' was told with humour, empathy, song, dance and fabulous acting! Well done, Y3/4!


Open for business! Please come and visit!



'Egyptian Secrets' is an outstanding museum cram-packed full of artefacts from the Ancient Egyptian period. 


Deep below the last of the seven wonders of the world lies this incredible collection of awesome memorabilia that will share with you the secrets of the pharoahs and gods of Egypt.


A hidden treasure not to be missed!

We had a fabulous WOW Day creating artefacts for our class museum 'Egyptian Secrets'! Our fabulous research meant we knew just what treasures the Ancient Egyptians would have had and what they would have been used for.

In English we have been learning about non-chronological reports. We read this fascinating example all about reindeers.

Can you answer the questions?

What reading skills do you need to use to give the best answers?

Can you some questions of your own to see what others have learnt from reading the text?

Our RE today saw us learning about baptisms, we wrote our own baptismal prayers that Rev. Green could use in her services. Our words were chosen very carefully so that a new baby could be welcomed in to God's family and promises made to help secure a wonderful life for them.

Our crafty fingers were in fine fettle when we made these stunning stable scenes in Design Technology.

It is amazing what you can do with lollipop sticks!

An amazing army of Iron Men marched in to the classroom this morning. It was amazing to see the results of the children's homework projects and how much fun they had making their models. They were brilliant for helping us learn about 3D shapes too!


We had great fun learning about similes and metaphors and how to use these in poetry.

Can you spot our similes and metaphors in these poems?

We have used them to describe volcanoes and the terror of these. 

The volcano is a death-denying, charging cheetah!

Still image for this video

The angry volcano is a charging, invincible T-Rex!

Still image for this video

The volcano is a butting, biting, indestructible viper!

Still image for this video

How do you measure the

magnitude of an earthquake?


To answer this question we had to construct our own seismometers. These enabled us to measure the magnitude of the earthquakes in our classroom and the amplitude of the waves they produced! It was not the calmest afternoon this term but we had lots of fun!

'Let your light shine' - Matthew 5, Our values are Friendship, Respect, Happiness, Honesty, Understanding and Responsibility.