School Council

Ellison Boulters' School Council 2017/18

School Council Update

In January, we were all very excited to get all our playground back now the building work for the new classrooms has been completed. We have enjoyed having more space to play with our friends. As school council members, we have been able to observe how people are playing and met with Mr Heafield, our chair of governors and school council governor, to discuss playtimes. We also talked with him about healthy schools and that is going to be a focus for us. During the Summer term, we will be finding out from our classmates about their favourite healthy foods that they bring to school. Watch out for exciting news of a competition linked to healthy food!


As a school, we have also been busy fundraising for Sports relief and each class completed a run and took part in a variety of fun games. School council are starting to plan a fund-raising activity for the whole school during the Summer term and we already have some fun ideas.

An update from your School Council



We are proud to have been elected to represent our classes on the school council this year. We have been busy at the start of the Autumn term thinking about our school value of Friendship. In the playground, we have noticed that children are being kind by letting other children join in their games. Since we have had building work at school, the children have been particularly sensible in the playground and are using the restricted space wisely.

We have also been looking for examples of children following the Golden Rules and lots of children are now opening and holding doors, not just for the adults in school but also for other children.


FEBA have asked us to think about how we could use some funding to create an all-weather area; we have been busy talking to our classes. Watch this space to find out more!

We are also starting to think of some fundraising activities for this school year.



Our new members have been elected...



On Friday, we were proud to receive our School Council badges and certificates in a special assembly. The School Council would like to thank their classes for nominating them to be their representatives. It is a big honour for us and we will do our best to listen to your ideas and make improvements.


At our first meeting we decided to have a focus for each term:

School ideas for the Autumn Term

Local ideas for the Spring Term

International ideas for the Summer Term.


That way, we can help not only our school, but the area we live and hopefully the world around us too.


This term, we would like your ideas on how to make our playground even friendlier.


Remember to tell the council representative from your class if you have an idea and they can bring it to our meetings.

Also, now you know who we are - if you have any questions about life at school, then please come and talk to us. 

In our school we value Friendship, Honesty, Happiness, Understanding, Respect and Responsibility.