Year 5/6: Kamkwamba Class - Mrs Carter & Mr Chudley

Here are some pictures of the things that Discovery Class have been up to at home during lock down...

Y5/6 Trip to The National Space Centre in Leicester

Y6 class assembly took the theme of their topic ‘Mission to Mars’ and looked at the problems with the environment on Mars should we begin a human colony there. Linking this to our own Golden Rules, our church school values and the Ten Commandments, they asked themselves how we could develop a successful and cohesive community there. This led to considering the journey of the fights for human rights through the work of individuals and the United Nations: civil rights and Martin Luther King; the rights of the child; the rights of women and the protests of the suffragettes led by Emmeline Pankhurst and the rights of the disabled. The children reflected on the right to choose the way we live without discrimination. In the closing prayer, a poem by Susie Palmer, we prayed for children. Every Child’s Right Every child has the right to live this life without fright To sleep peacefully through the night Without fear for their precious lives Every child’s kingdom is their life Adults are guardians guarding their rights To a full and trouble-free existence Spared from the madness of war where life is insignificant Every child needs the fullness of peace To develop and grow with ease Children are the future It’s their rights we need to please May they forgive those who are bringing them to their knees

Bikeability. Just before half term the Year 6 children had the opportunity to take part in the Bikeability course run by Outspoken Training. They spent four days out on the roads around Scothern learning how to ride their bikes safely. They loved it and behaved impeccably throughout!

Discovery class have used shaving foam and paint to make their own artistic impressions of the planets Mars and Earth.

We have been learning about the human body a part of our Mission to Mars topic. We need to know how to look after ourselves in a new and hostile environment. This means that we must consider diet, health, infection, the skeleton, the circulatory system, muscles, and the importance of good health and how to maintain it. Here we were exercising to measure the increase in heart rate compared to when our bodies were at rest.

Y6 have been out in the forest school area again. This time we were studying the human digestive system and went outside to make models on the ground using natural materials. The children made fantastic models, used scientific terminology all morning and were creative in their choice of materials. Best of all, they could all tell me exactly how food made its way through a human body!

Discovery class were the first to spend a morning with Dave in our new forest school area. They worked in teams to develop their own pulley systems having been challenged to carry their astronaut (a raw egg) for three metres through the air in the spaceship (a foil plate) without touching the ground! We all had a great morning or, as one of the children said, “Best day ever!”

We carried out an experiment to measure the length and direction shadows.

The children had fun making pasta rovers and colouring their mission badge design onto the rover.

The children made wind turbines as part of our work on renewable energy sources. They discovered that the angle, size and shape of the sails made a difference to their efficiency.

We designed our own mission badges for our ‘Mission to Mars’.

We made our own solar ovens as part of our learning about renewable energy sources.

Sikh Langar

How Your Ears Work

In science we have learning about our hearing and how our ears work!

Summer topic - Ancient Maya

Welcome to our summer topic - Ancient Maya

Our New Book - Journey to the River Sea!

Spring Term - Our book: 'Itch' By Simon Mayo


Itchingham Lofte - known as Itch - is 14, and loves science - especially chemistry. He is also an element-hunter: he has decided to collect all the elements in the periodic table.

One day, Itch makes a discovery. A new element, never seen before. At first, no one believes him - but soon, someone hears about the strange new rock and wants it for himself. Itch is in serious danger.



- What do YOU think will happen to Itch?

- Why is the rock valuable?

- Where might he store it?

- When will he be free again?

- Why do you enjoy the book?



Spring Term Curriculum Map


The Big Night | Christmas 2018

Watch this video and think about.... - Which Christmas characters can you spot? - How does the star feel at the start? - How does the star feel at the end? - Is her Mum proud? How do you know? - What is the main message behind the video?

Stocking fillers - Mrs Carter's Recommended Reads!

This week's topic: William Wilberforce

Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

We're currently doing lots of work on fractions in Year 5/6. One of the most difficult concepts for us is improper fractions and mixed numbers. This video is SUPER helpful when working with these tricky forms of number!

Coding fun in Year 5/6


Each week of this year so far, we have completed various coding tasks on We have been learning to write simple code, debug code and use higher level instructions (such as a 'repeat' function') to make things happen on our screens (such as games and small animations).


If you want to practice at home head to:



Image result for code combat

Let's Talk Maths! What maths can you see in this picture of New York?

The Pros & Cons Of Zoos

This week, for your homework, we have asked you to think about the positives and negatives of zoos. This video might help!

Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives & Adverbs - Animated Explanation

Have a look to help with your homework this week!

Spacey Science - Investigating shadows and the movement of the Earth, Sun and Moon.

KS2 House Assemblies and Captains

Get ready for our WOW day at Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

Have a look at these fabulous facts.

Do you know what adaptation is?



Fantastic reads to feast your eyes on!




Spelling Tips - Make learning spellings fun!

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