Year 4: MacArthur Class - Mrs Clark & Miss Parker

A selection of Year 4's rainforests made out of shoeboxes. They've transformed the classroom into an immersive, tropical environment. Maple Class and Willow Class’ shoeboxes are also amazing!

Year 4 have been fortunate enough to welcome Mr Pieter to our class. Our philosophy sessions have focused on 'Friendship' and 'Luck and Fortune' thus far. In coming weeks, we're going to discuss the interconnectedness (or lack of!) of the brain, mind and soul. How fascinating!

Year 4 have been working hard throughout Term 1 to unpick the ‘Number of the Day’. Tasks include partitioning it, doubling and halving it, rounding it and writing it in word form.

During Year 3/4’s WOW Day, Year 4 worked in small teams to build a den out of natural materials to provide shelter from an impending storm. We got our inspiration from our class novel: The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.

As part of their focus on multiplication and division, Year 3/4 were up and about solving multiplication word problems. The formal method was called upon to solve calculations such as 376 x 4 and 66 x 3. The children’s recent efforts on Times Tables Rock Stars were really useful in order to be successful!

To produce an amazing setting description, Year 4 agreed that drawing on the 5 senses was essential. In five groups, the children worked together to record things an explorer would see, hear, feel, taste and smell in a rainforest.

Year 3/4’s knowledge organiser for their Rainforest topic. This knowledge organiser contains all of the essential facts, features and vocabulary that the children will cover during the Autumn Term.

Year 4’s knowledge organiser for Maths. This knowledge organiser has been designed to support the children by summarising the key features of mathematics in lower key stage 2.

Our current topic in Year 3/4 is ‘Food and Farming’. We are transforming our classrooms into food and farming havens where we will be discovering more about the meals we eat and how plants are grown. Our topic will draw on our imaginations, encouraging us to think about local and global farming practices, fair trade and future sustainability. 


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Merry Christmas from the Year 3/4 Pod!

The Big Night | Christmas 2018

Watch this video and think about.... - Which Christmas characters can you spot? - How does the star feel at the start? - How does the star feel at the end? - Is her Mum proud? How do you know? - What is the main message behind the video?

We had a MAGNA-IFICENT time at Magna! What was your favourite experience?

Active Planet Curriculum Newsletter

Our WOW day!

What an explosive start to our new Autumn topic - Active Planet! 



Year 3 and 4 started the term with a bang, experimenting with incredible exploding volcanoes using bicarbonate of soda, red food dye and vinegar. We wondered whether our volcanoes were extinct or dormant but it soon became clear they were extremely active and even erupting!


Thank you children and parents for all the brilliant models that have been coming in. We are trying to identify whether they are based on famous volcanoes like Vesuvius, Eyjafjallajökull or Mount Fuji. We have quite a few danger zones in school now so be enter at your own risk! Wear protective volcanologist clothing please for your own safety.


Why not try this website to find out more about the world's incredible erupting volcanoes: - volcanoes


Here's to a lava-tastic term!

KS2 House Assemblies and Captains

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