Y1/2: Kind Kingfishers - Mrs Hauton & Miss Banks

Science Week During science week the Kind Kingfishers learnt about their bodies and how to keep them healthy. In PE they completed a fitness circuit and talked about how their bodies felt. Over the term the children have also had a go at improving their stamina by jogging for 4 minutes without stopping. They talked about healthy food choices and took a tally to find out the most popular fruit. They created their own block charts to help them interpret the results. They learnt the main body parts and labelled each other. They also used the iPads to label body parts. Finally, they learnt about the five senses and completed challenges in the classroom.

The Kind Kingfishers have absolutely loved getting to know the FEBA Forest Area with our Forest School Teacher this term. They have created train tracks and trains for magical creatures. They have used charcoal to design a flying machine. Finally, they were able to cook marshmallows on the campfire. I can’t think of a better way to start a Monday morning! Throughout these tasks the children have shown great team work, listening skills and imagination.

Curriculum Newsletter

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Our Church Visit!

Our Church Visit! 1

Romans Challenges!

Romans Challenges! 1
Romans Challenges! 2

Curriculum Newsletter - The Romans

On Tuesday 26th February The Year Two children took part in a multi-skills festival at Pembroke Academy. They thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of stamina and skills whilst portraying respect and responsibility alongside perseverance and polite manners. They were great ambassadors for our school. Also, a great big thank you to the parent helpers who joined us for this event . Your support and encouragement towards the children was very much appreciated. Well-done to ALL involved

Spring Term topic letter to parents - 'Toys'

The Big Numbers Song

The Big Night | Christmas 2018

Watch this video and think about.... - Which Christmas characters can you spot? - How does the star feel at the start? - How does the star feel at the end? - Is her Mum proud? How do you know? - What is the main message behind the video?

Great Fire of London

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Phonics! 1
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Doubles Addition Facts Song

Can you double?

Let's Talk Maths!

Let's Talk Maths! 1

We retold the story of the three wolves!

Our value this term is FRIENDSHIP! In our school we value Friendship, Honesty, Happiness, Understanding, Respect and Responsibility.