Why choose us?

Why choose us?


All of the schools in our consortium are like-minded, forward-thinking Lead Schools who believe that Initial Teacher Training is one of the most important and crucial elements in the world of education. We all firmly believe that in order to reach and improve the lives and learning of all children, we must first begin with creating outstanding teachers by fully investing in teacher training.  As leading schools who identify the importance of networking and thrive on the opportunity to work collaboratively, we have formed an alliance to bring further strength and variety to Initial Teacher Training (ITT) in Lincolnshire.


All of our schools are dedicated to creating and nurturing our teachers of the future and also reaching all of the children in our schools in and around Lincolnshire. Each school has its wealth of experts, specialists and outstanding practitioners who are on hand and keen to share their knowledge and skills. Together we can offer trainee teachers a huge variety of schools who all have the very best and up-to-date practices to share.


Our School Direct and SCITT Programmes are school-based, hands-on training programmes. The trainee will find themselves immersed in school life from day one; they will be seen by the children as a class teacher from the outset, and will be provided with exactly the same opportunities and respect as the school staff. Trainees begin by observing the outstanding teaching practice of the class teacher whilst also focusing on the children’s learning. Gradually, and at the right time for the individual trainee, they will begin to take groups of children for parts of lessons, team-teach with the class teacher and eventually begin to teach whole class, full lessons. The time the trainee takes to reach this point varies and depends on the confidence and development of the individual trainee. We pride ourselves on making our programmes bespoke and know from our wealth of experience working with trainees that ‘one size’ does not fit all. It is important that the course suits you as an individual.


Educational training and theory is important to us. Working with the universities, we appreciate the importance and balance of both school-based learning and academic studies. Therefore, our course encompasses both elements. We work in partnership with Lincoln University, who will provide your PGCE qualification alongside your QTS. Out of school training will take place during one day of the week and may be held at Lincoln University campus or at the Lincolnshire SCITT Initial Teacher Training centre or within one of the primary schools listed above. When training takes place in the University, you will have the opportunity to experience student life, use the University library and facilities and also receive high level information from senior lecturers and experienced academics who hold a wealth of knowledge. Training at the brand new, purposely built ITT centre at Lincolnshire SCITT allows trainees from many schools around the county of Lincolnshire to come together to share their experiences and questions. Training will be delivered by the experienced ITT team at Lincolnshire SCITT and/or teaching practitioners from our partner primary and special schools. Many of our training days are actually held within our partner primary schools. During these days we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with not only high quality training from teachers, leaders and experts who work within the schools, but also the opportunity to look around the host school, meet other teachers to discuss practice and also speak to the children. Each training session in school will consist of providing you with information, ideas, strategies of use in the classroom and theory, but most importantly it will allow you to see those ideas and that theory actually in practice, in the classroom, with real-life children and teachers demonstrating and modelling to you. 


Through a variety of ways our training programme covers all subjects, topics and national educational priorities in order to equip you with a wealth of knowledge and skills and prepare you for your ECT years and beyond.  Throughout the year you will be based in a school, assigned to a class and class teacher who will become your mentor. You will also experience a second school placement which will again provide further opportunities and help strengthen your teaching skills. You will be allocated a Visiting Tutor who has been appointed because they are experienced teachers, mentors and experts and who will provide another ‘arm’ of support for you throughout your training year.


Our training programme has been built on the very best practice, high-quality, tried and tested teacher training programmes from around the world. We keep up to date with ITT research, national agendas and best models of practice to ensure that the training you receive is the very best. All of our trainees AND the schools in which our trainees go on to work in comment that the trainees are beyond being well prepared, knowing exactly what outstanding teaching and learning looks like but also thirsty to continue their professional development to become leaders and experts and being able to share their experiences with others. 

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