Use of Photographs and Visual Media


Permissions for the use of Photographs


Dear Parent


In order to promote the positive aspects of the work that we do at Ellison Boulters CE Academy, we believe it is important to use photographs of our pupils enjoying the many varied activities of school life.


We use photographs in our internal publicity materials such as school brochures and booklets, on our corridor and classroom displays, for staff training and assessment purposes, on our web site and via Twitter. From time to time, articles and photographs of special events will also appear in newspapers.


To do all we can to ensure all photographs of our pupils are used correctly, we undertake to:


  • Obtain your permission to use photographs of children
  • Only use photographs for the purposes stated above
  • Eliminate names from being published alongside any photograph
  • Ask that you adhere to our policy when capturing images of your own child at school events.


With this strict policy in mind, I hope that you will provide your permission for us to use visual images of your child by signing the consent form below.


Yours faithfully



S Scott                                                                                                 




To download a printable version of this document please click the following pdf link.

Permissions for the use of Photographs and Visual Media
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