This week in The Rainbow Garden...

Tuesday 12th May


We've had a lovely time pottering in the sun today. Tasks have included: potting up our courgettes cucumbers and tomatoes, pricking out cosmos seedlings and weeding in readiness for VIP visitors from Sudbrooke gardening club next week. We hope you like our watering can tree!

Tuesday 15th April


What a beautiful day to be outside gardening (although a few children "just had to play" as the lure of the playing field was just too exciting)! We had the pleasure of harvesting our leeks with the promise of some leek and potato soup to come! We also harvested some parsley and sage; spinach, kale and spring cabbage. Everything is growing madly, including the weeds, and the bulbs look amazing.
We also had many insect visitors today! Lots of worms, earwigs, ladybirds, a small tortoisehell butterfly, a brimstone butterfly and many hundreds of honey bees. 
We also managed to finish putting the hot frame in the greenhouse and made a watering can "tree". We'll take some photographs for next time.


Happy gardening from The Brilliant Buds! 

Tuesday 17th March


Started gardening in the sun and finished in the rain today (some of the girls not too keen...).

We finished transplanting all our strawberries to the fruit garden today and started transplanting perennials into the respective rainbow planter beds. So far Mrs Murphy's class yellow garden is looking the most populated with its beautiful yellow polyanthus and pale lemon wallflowers. We will continue with that work next week as well as starting seedlings of cucumbers and tomatoes in our heated frame. 

Tuesday 10th March 2015


It's been a lovely sunny day in the school rainbow garden today and we have been planting fruit trees - a Victoria Plum, Red Discovery Apple and Conference Pear. This is all part of our fruit project so we can learn all about where our fruit comes from. Our fruit garden is now nearing completion. So far, we have planted alpine strawberries, English strawberries, black currant bushes (most children were startled to see what made up their Ribena!), blackberries and raspberries. Today we taught the children about how and why fruit trees are grafted and how to plant them.

We also spent a while in the sun spotting and counting the many honey bees that were visiting our Rainbow Garden to collect pollen from the early flowering crocuses, pansies and polyanthus.

The Bug Hotel is also nearing completion. Just a sign to make (to point out to humans what we've been up to) and it will be good to go!

Next week we will be continuing with weeding and starting to plant seeds in our new seedling cloche.

Tuesday 3rd March 2015


Some of our over enthusiastic gardeners mistakenly dug up our blackcurrant bushes today so we had to have help to replant them.  


Work continues on the bug hotel using shredded paper and egg boxes to add to old wood, sticks and bricks.  

Tuesday 10th February 2015


As the weather forecast is poor we are going to be working inside for the next 2 weeks and will make 'A Rot Pot' on the 10th February! This is a mini bottle composter to help us learn the composting process first hand. We can keep them in our classrooms and watch what happens and we will be able to learn about the role of micro-organisms in the breakdown of organic materials.

We will search for suitable materials outside on 3rd February (weather permitting) and then make the Rot Pot on 10th February.

If anyone is able to bring in to school one or more CLEAR 2 LITRE PLASTIC BOTTLES for 10th February that would be really helpful.


After half term, children who have selected to take part in our EARTH MATTERS topic will be making a Bug Hotel and a Wormery!

Our other topic is FRUIT MATTERS and the children who have selected to take part in this topic will be looking at how bees and other pollinating insects are crucial to fruit production both commercially and in our own gardens. This links in with our BUG HOTEL project. We will be sowing seeds to encourage pollinators to our strawberry, blackberry and raspberry plants.


The children have done several planning sessions for gardening club this year and have decided to keep the “POLLINATING INSECTS” theme going again. We are hoping to beat our record of 123 butterflies counted on our butterfly bush and blue garden in the summer – it was quite amazing!


Tool safety is most important for our young gardeners so we plan to hold a Tool Safety discussion and practical session split over 2 weeks using our older more experienced gardeners as role models.

'Let your light shine' - Matthew 5