School Direct Fee 'v' SCITT Programmes?

What is the difference between the School Direct Fee and SCITT Programmes?
In essence, the only difference between these two programmes are the schools to which you apply. 


For the School Direct Programme (Fee) you need to apply to the Lead School, Ellison Boulters Church of England Academy – Age 3-7: 2LVQ     Age 5-11: S561     Age 7-11: F052


For the SCITT Programme you need to apply to Lincolnshire SCITT, Primary – Age 3-7: U573   

Age 5-11: 2PSM     Age 7-11: Z103.


Both courses will run identically. For both courses you will pay the exact same training fees of £9000, you will be based within one of our partner schools and the training you receive will be exactly the same. Therefore, to improve your chances of securing a place on our training programme you could apply to both the Lead School and SCITT provider. 

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